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VIP Private Tours Isla Mujeres


Have fun on one of our VIP Private Tours! Get to know Isla Mujeres and its surroundings much better and on your own terms.

You will be able to see WhaleSharks, parrotfishes, giant angelfish, barracuda, starfish, stingrays, sea turtles, and a wide variety of tropical fish. We will provide you with life jackets, Diving and Snorkeling equipment, and a specialized guide to take you to the best locations. 

Dive and Snorkel locations include Whalesharks, Cadenita, El Farito National Park, and Zac Bajo. We also offer a trip to see the underwater museum, known as MUSA.-

We Offer Diving, Whale Shark, VIP Private or Group Tours

Make a reservation today with a $55 usd deposit for your adventure. 

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