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MUSA - Museo Subacuatico de Arte

(Subaquatic Museum of Art) is a project designed to counteract the negative effects of climate change and tourism on our ocean and reef systems. It opened to the public in 2010 and will continue to grow as new collections are added. The goal is to increase the total biomass of the reef and create a habitat for marine life to colonize.

Initiated by Dr. Jaime Gonzalez Cano, the MUSA currently comprises of 9 different collections - La Evolucion Silenciosa (The Silent Evolution), La Jardinera de la Esperanza (The Garden of Hope), Coleccionista de Los Sueños (Dream Collector), Hombre en Llamas (Man on Fire), La promesa (The promise), Inercia (Inertia), Anthropocene, Herencia (Inheritance), and Vacio (Void) — all created by sculptor Jason deCaires Taylor.

Visitors can experience the MUSA as a snorkel trip or Scuba Diving. Both snorkel and dive trips include a second stop or dive in Manchones Reef, also located in the Marine National Park.

Do you have a group of divers and snorkelers?
We offer a combination snorkel and dive trip to the MUSA and Manchones.-
Reef. Contact us for more details !!!

MUSA Dive plus Manchones Reef 2 Tank - $90.00 USD

MUSA Snorkeling - $47 USD

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