Isla Mujeres Coronavirus Preventive Actions Tips for Tourists

We are following the development around the coronavirus very closely.

Our top priority is to continue to provide you with excellent service and also to protect the health and safety of our employees.

We have taken appropriate precautions and are able to maintain and guarantee all our business operations without restrictions – even during this special situation.

What is coronavirus and how is it

According to information from the Yucatan Health Secretariat, coronaviruses are a family
of viruses that circulate between humans and animals and that generally cause colds
Common and can also lead to more serious respiratory infections.


Although the death rate shown by the new coronavirus is relatively low, what health authorities fear the most is that there will be a sudden increase in seriously ill patients requiring intensive care, which puts an immense burden on the health systems and puts you at risk of collapse.

that is why "social distancing" is recommended as a tool that public health managers recommend to decrease the multiplication of a disease that is transmitted from person to person.


Main Preventive Measures:

1. Wash your hands frequently with soap and water and / or use gel with
70% alcohol.
2. Do not touch the face with dirty hands, especially the nose, mouth and eyes.
3. Let's avoid saying hello or saying goodbye, kiss or hug.
4. It is important to keep bathrooms, kitchens and furniture clean where
we eat.
5. Let's use soap and water or disinfectant to clean surfaces and objects
for routine use.
6. Stay home when you have a respiratory infection and follow the
indications of the doctor.
7. When sneezing, cover your nose and mouth with the inside corner of your arm or use
a disposable handkerchief.
8. Avoid sharing liquids with other people.
9. Preferably consume well-cooked food, avoiding consuming
raw food and drink disinfected or bottled water.

Where can I report a suspicious case?

Prevention is everyone's job!
Call 800-0044-800

Where it will be attended by trained personnel from the
Epidemiological and Health Intelligence