Wreck Scuba Dives

Wreck Scuba Dives

We are lucky to offer many wreck dives from Isla Mujeres. It is a great opportunity to see not only shipwrecks and lost pieces of history but also a larger variety of marine life as the shipwreck dives are at more profound depths.

January, February, and much of March is Eagle Ray Season and is best experienced in the shipwreck locations. During the whole year, you can see a lot of marine life such as snapper, grouper, barracudas, parrotfish, angelfish and more.

Scuba Diving The Wreck Sites include: C-58 Juan de la Barrera Battleship - Punta Negra - C-55 Anaya Battleship - Granpin - Cuevon - San Toribio - La Perdida - Noname - and more.-

Season: December to February

2 Tank Scuba Dive
Price: $120.00 u$d  (*)

Eagle Ray Shipwreck & Reef Drift Dive
Price: $120.00 u$d  (*)

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(*) Taxes Includes.-

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