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We are a local Scuba dive shop with over 35 years of experience working in Isla Mujeres. We started as a commercial scuba diving shop at that time. Those were the days, when a small group of friends, put the first mooring buoys in the Manchones Reef. We did this to help stop the damage caused by the anchors from boats coming over from Cancún. With the sinking of the old US naval gunboats that have created great wreck diving here. These wrecks have proved to be great scuba diving places for eagle rays, tuna schools, eels, and more. Also, we have been promoting and actively participating in the cleaning of the plastics and debris in surrounding areas like the mangroves, coastline, and lagoons. These areas provide protection to endless species of marine life and the Island itself and again the natural phenomenons. We know more needs to be done and we continue to work with MUSA trying to expand the area of sculptures and adding more reef balls where they are needed. Our goal is to provide the best scuba diving service possible for both scuba beginners and advanced scuba divers while showing them enjoy the beauty and nature that surrounds us.

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Open Water Scuba Diver Certification
Price:  $430 u$d  (*)

Please ask about other levels of certification as Advanced Open Water Scuba DiverRescue Scuba Diver, and Scuba Dive Master.-

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