Reef Scuba Dives

Reef Scuba Dives

There is an abundance of marine life along the coasts and in the surrounding waters of Isla Mujeres. The reef supports thousands of species of coral, tropical fish, muscles, rays, dolphins, and other ocean creatures. This includes three species of sea turtle - Green, Hawksbill, and Loggerhead.

Scuba Diving Reef Spots include: Manchones I, Manchones II, La Cruz de la Bahia, Atlantis, and MUSA. The maximum depth for these dives is 35 feet or 11 meters.

You have to know how to handle a series of guidelines, to dive in a coral reef without damaging it. Guided dives are fundamental, first of all by having a suitable person on the subject of scuba diving and with small groups to avoid touching or touching the reef.

It is necessary to remember that coral is a living organism, therefore it is necessary to avoid touching it and leaning on it, because a small coral formation can take years to grow and regenerate if by some carelessness it breaks.

To avoid damaging the coral with the fins, preferably nothing above or next to the coral. One tip you should take into account is to stay at a distance of 2 times the length of your arms, so you will avoid touching the coral with your hands, your fins or any other component of your equipment.

You also have to avoid leaning on the seabed or let the fins raise the sand from the bottom. The raised sand can precipitate on a coral and drown it.

The Museum Subacuatic of Art Mexico (also known as MUSA) is comprised of more than 400 sculptures with the purpose of making a new artificial reef with material that does not damage the environment. Most of them are human figures made with real models, but there are also cars and little houses.-

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