Night Scuba Dives

Night Scuba Dives

Night scuba diving is a special dive in recreational diving that takes place at night. Considered by many as a fantastic experience, where divers can enjoy more life underwater that is not visible during the day. For example, lobsters and octopus that come out of their holes at night to eat and explore the reefs.

What do we find interesting at night?

What brings more scuba divers every day to explore this world is the variety and colors of the corals and the life around the reefs that forms a unique panoramic view. But during the day most of these marine lives hide in hollows or under the rocks and they are only waiting for darkness to come out.

Scuba Divers are not only able to see more variety of marine life, but also the colors of the reefs that are much more intense under your dive lantern. When divers turn off their flashlights, you will be surprised how much light is reflected by the moon and stars on a clear night.

Another factor that always impresses scuba divers at night is the chemical reaction created by certain types of plankton. Bioluminescence is a phenomenon that occurs when the plankton is moved in the dark, causing them to emit light. To experience this you have to turn off your flashlight and move your hand through the water.-

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