Drift  Dives

Drift Dives

In many types of diving, a diver stays in the same place in the water. This is not the case with diving in currents. During diving in streams, the diver is "going with the flow" so covers a lot of distance during the dive. Diving in tidal currents is fascinating and you will also reach places that are difficult to reach during a regular dive. During the specialization of diving in currents, you will learn how to plan diving in currents and to make the correct preparations.

There are many positive aspects of diving in currents. The underwater world in a zone of currents or tides is very interesting. Diving with the current requires considerably less energy and strength. It lets you slide downstream and make you explore a large area while you only need to correct your course a bit.

Scuba Diving drift dives offer an exciting option for multiple-day divers, especially during the months of May, June, and July as Punta Sur is a well-visited spot for mating sea turtles. In this season you can also see the males fighting for a female. There are also a lot of fishes and caves to see in this area with strong currents.-

Turtle Mating Season:  May to July

Drift Dive Spots: Punta Sur (South Point) - El Placer - Media Luna
Price:  2 Tanks - $120.00 u$d  (*)

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